Open Standards 2013

Open Source, Open Standards 2013

Thursday 18 April, London

We are pleased to be supporting Open Source, Open Standards 2013, the leading summit exploring how to take full advantage of open technology solutions across the public sector, from delivering innovative and open IT services to driving savings.


  • Open Source across government and the End User Device strategy
  • Guidance on Open Source security
  • The importance of Open Standards and interoperability
  • Open Source and the future of Digital Government
  • Implementing Open Source in Healthcare
  • Meeting the 7 Open Standards principles for procurement
  • Implementation of a council wide Open Source strategy

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Nominet consultation


Consultation on a new .uk domain name service

In October 2012 Nominet opened a consultation on proposals for a new domain service, including proposals to offer features designed to offer reassurance for end users:

verification to check a registrant has a UK address, daily monitoring for malicious software and viruses, and a digital signature which minimises the risks of a domain name being hijacked. These measures would be supported by a trustmark to give consumers a clear sign that it was a verified domain name.

Our full response is available below, however in summary: we consider that Nominet fails to demonstrate understanding of risk, is over confident in its claims for consumer protection and that the proposal has the potential to undermine the market for services based on open source software.

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Do you still need to understand why software should be open source? Part 3

In an interesting piece of newspeak we are told that new versions of Microsoft Outlook won’t allow access to older format documents:

As much as we love adding new features to Outlook, for the maintainability of our product we sometimes need to remove those that are out of date and aren’t utilized by a large number of users. This allows us to focus on improving the Outlook features that most of you, our customers, rely on.

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A short history of government digital strategies

Since 1996 which saw the publication of the Green Paper “Government Direct” the Government has published a new digital strategy almost annually, often supplemented.

“Government Direct” not easy to find now but a contemporaneous analysis explains that the three purposes of the strategy were:

  • provide better and more efficient services to business and citizens
  • improve the efficiency and openness of government administration
  • secure substantial cost savings for taxpayers

Sounds familiar? It should do.

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Inquiry into consultation guidelines


not what you say but what you do

In July 2012 the government announced to Parliament that it was changing the consultation guidelines.

A Minister was quoted by BBC News:

The aim is to replace potentially unproductive process with real engagement with those affected.

The Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee issued a call for evidence in preparation for a meeting on 11 December 2012 where it will take oral evidence from Mr Oliver Letwin, Minister for Government Policy into the way in which Government develops and implements technology policy.

We have responded.

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Open Hardware meeting

Open Source Hardware Event

15 November 2012, London, 6.45pm

Embedded systems continue to grow in importance as they play an ever-increasing role in everyday life: more computing is done on the move as smartphone functionality catches up with desktops and services move to the Cloud; the Internet of Things is set to herald an age in which networked objects create and consume data on our behalf.

This event, organised by our friends the Open Source Hardware Group will be discussing and demonstrating a number of projects related to improving embedded system performance.

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