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OpenUK’s New Year’s Honours Lists

OpenUK 2024 Honours List

OpenUK has partnered with Onalytica and Runa Capital to analyse data on contribution and to identify its list of open source software contributors for its 2024 New Year’s Honour List.

The New Year’s Honours list is a British tradition, marking the achievement of extraordinary people in the UK. As OpenUK celebrates its third such list King Charles III celebrates his first. The Honours system is designed to recognise contribution, achievement and service.

We congratulate all individuals who are honoured in 2024:

Alicia Sykes Principal Engineer AND Digital
Andrew Nesbitt Software Engineer Freelance
Andrew Kingston Lead Software Developer Budibase
Andy Wilkinson Staff Engineer Spring Team, VMware
Benjie Gillam Open Source Maintainer Graphile
Camila Macedo Senior Software Engineer
Charis Kyriakou Senior Software Engineer GitHub
Chris Lamb Core Developer Reproducible Builds
Chris Banes Software Engineer Stealth Company
Clare Macrae Volunteer Contributor and Mentor Open Source
Colin Watson Freelance Consultant Debian
Colin King Principal Engineer Intel
Dan Harrin Lead Developer Kirschbaum
Daniel Marti Maintainer Cuelang
Danny Tuppeny Director Coded Consultants Ltd
David Maciver Software Developer and Researcher Freelance
Derick Rethans Software Engineer PHP Foundation
Dustin Carlino Research Associate The Alan Turing Institute
Dylan Taylor Maintainer PocketMine-MP
Emma Luff Founder LittleByte
Erik Johnston Staff Engineer Element /
Gordon Williams Director Espruino
Hector Dearman Senior Software Engineer Google
Ian Miell Partner Container Solutions
Issy Long Senior Software Engineer GitHub
J. Ryan Stinnett Research Associate King’s College London
Johanna Amann Open Source Architect Corelight
John Cupitt Freelancer
Jonathan Wakely Senior Principal Software Engineer Red Hat
Jonathan Riddell COO Blue Systems
Joseph Wright Member The LaTeX Project
Karina Thomas Senior Software Engineer BBC
Laurent Cozic CEO Joplin
Liz Rice Chief Open Source Officer Isovalent
Lorna Mitchell VP Developer Experience and Open Source Maintainer Redocly
Mandy Chessell Director Pragmatic Data Research ltd
Mark Brown Principal Software Engineer Arm
Mark Harris Engineering Director Original Circuit Limited
Martin Thompson Head of Product Adaptive Financial Consulting
Michael Borcherds CTO GeoGebra
Mike McQuaid Cofounder and CTO Workbrew
Neil Mitchell Programmer Meta
Oluwasegun Adebayo Founder and Software Engineer Chakra UI
Paul Chote Assistant Professor University of Warwick
Peter Cock Research Software Engineer James Hutton Institute / Biopython
Rachel Mant Lead Software Engineer 1bitsquared
Rachel Andrew Content lead for Chrome Developer Relations Google
Remy Sharp Software Designer Left Logic
Richard Davey Founder &CTO Phaser Studio Inc
Richard Hughes Senior Principal Software Engineer Red Hat UK
Rita Zerrizuela staff software engineer Okta
Robert Osfield Project Lead VulkanSceneGraph
Robert Watson Professor University of Cambridge
Ruth Cheesely Project Lead Mautic Project Lead
Sadie Powell Maintainer Anope, InspIRCd
Sam Nazarko Founder OSMC
Sam Aaron CEO, Creator Sonic Pi
Sareh Heidari Senior Software Engineer Accurx
Simon Pilgrim Principal Programmer Sony Interactive Entertainment
Siobhan Bamber Software Engineer Automattic
Tatiana Al-Chueyr Martins Staff Software Engineer Astronomer
Tom Hughes Software Developer and System Administrator Open Street Map
Usha Mandya Manager, Technical Writing Docker
Vsevolod Stakhov Founder Rspamd Ltd
Will McGugan CEO Textualize
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