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State of Open Subset – Episode 7


Fyne and Go: Native graphical apps for all platforms with a single codebase Speaker: Andy Williams Andrew Williams has two decades of commercial software development experience across a variety of programming languages and has been a core developer in large open source projects such as Enlightenment, EFL, Maven and Fyne. Since 2018 he has been […]

State of Open Subset – Episode 8


Getting started with container security Hannah Foxwell - Hannah Foxwell is Product Director at Snyk, based in the UK. She leads a team of Platform Engineers and Product Managers who are focussed on building wildly successful Platforms with Cloud Native technologies. Hannah is organiser of DevOpsDays London and is a champion of the HumanOps movement […]

State of Open Subset – Episode 9


OpenUK’s State of Open Subset are weekly digital talks across 10 weeks per season. Speaker: Paula Kennedy Working in the IT industry for over 20 years, Paula is passionate about community, diversity, equity and inclusion. In her day job, she is co-founder and Chief Operating Office of Syntasso, developing cloud-native and open-source technologies. Paula is […]

State of Open Subset – Episode 10


Open Source DEI: Transitioning from Intentions to Impact Speaker: Anita Ilhuman Anita is a Developer Advocate and technical writer. With 2+ years of experience, she has a track record in Web development and DevRel on a global scale. She is passionate about educating the developer market about new tools and technologies. She has spoken at […]

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