An Open Digital Approach for the NHS Part one – Policies, Principles & Practices

Abstract: This report presents published policies and intent supportive of an open approach published by the UK Government, Department of Health, NHS Digital and Apperta as well as in the EU, Asia and the Americas. These are connected to the practices required to implement and measure the application of commodity open source technology practices.

Published: September 2018


This illustration was commissioned to help the every-day user understand why it is important that open standards are used. Often, the user assumes that the reasons are technical and that they are not empowered to address the issue.

Working with the OFE, an initial British-English document was published in 2015. The following translations from the original version were provided by contributions from the global community.

To submit a new translation, it helps us if you use our translation spreadsheet, add terms in your language and return the spreadsheet. You can download the template here.


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