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OpenUK Kids Course and Digital Camp is the runner up in the First GNOME Community Challenge

OpenUK has been delighted to participate in the GNOME Community Challenge and to be a Phase Three Finalist, from 149 entries, making it to the final 4, in the first year of the GNOME Challenge sponsored by Endless but was even more delighted to be the runner up in the first ever GNOME Community Challenge #GNOME Challenge today. Led by Producer and Editor Amanda Brock, the team came about as a result of the pandemic.

OpenUK pivoted the design of its first kids competition in 2020 sponsored by Red Hat and GitHub, to create a course using the MiniMu glove kit and micro:bit, during the first lockdown. Thanks to Red Hat’s ongoing sponsorship OpenUK is now deep in the process of building its year two course and ezine and planning to share these as a second summer camp in July/ August.

The team has grown over time and everyone plays an important role.

All outputs are free to use on a creative commons CCSA licence, at

Congratulations to the OpenUK team who have worked on the Kids Camp and made this all possible:

  • Amanda Brock, Producer and Editor
  • David Whale, Course Creative Director
  • Lowena Hull, Intern
  • Helen Leigh, Creative Mentor
  • Pamela Boal, Curriculum Adviser
  • Matthew Barker and Drawnalism, Art work
  • Stephanie Bower, Voice Over Artist
  • Georgia Cooke, Ezine Creative Director
  • Stuart Hodge, Editorial Consultant
  • Ashleigh Monagle, Digital Inclusion Lead
  • Amy Howlett, Support Manager
  • Neslihan Guven, Project Manager
  • Kavita Kapoor, Chief Learning Officer

And of course, double Grammy Award winning musician and singer, Imogen Heap, for her Inspiration and Voice Over of the first lesson on Series one

Our huge congratulations to the final 4 competitors making the overall final in Phase 3:

Entries were required to be:

Fun: Makes coding interesting and participating in the FOSS community exciting
Educational: Enhances the coding skills of a beginning coder
Engaged: Keeps a coder engaged with the FOSS community
Creative: Outside of the box entries are appreciated
Unique: Adds something new to the field or enhances something already existing

Our heartfelt congratulations to BOSS, the overall winners of the Challenge.

Imogen Heap presents 2020 Kids Competition prizes

The first camp which took place 10-31 August 2020.

Read more about the 2020 camp
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