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Computing on Grafana Labs latest licensing change

22nd April 2021

“Anyone modifying Grafana’s code must share it back. Their CEO’s Q&A is well-prepared and well-informed and Grafana is actually doubling down on open source. Of course, we are all now awaiting the mentioned update on the contributor licence agreement, and hope to see a CLA that continues to respect open source in the tone of the Q&A shared and is not a back door to proprietary licensing in the future.”

Brock said the move looks less reactive than with previous changes. “For once AWS is not being blamed for a licence change. Grafana’s 2020 revenue share deal with AWS is called out as a ‘strategic’ partnership and unlike Elastic they are positive about AWS, who were famously accused of strip mining small tech companies in the past.”

However, she sounded a note of caution about the future direction: “I am slightly concerned that the revenue sharing model, pioneered in 2019 by Google and picked up by AWS is discretionary on the part of the cloud provider, but do feel that for now, in the existing model of cloud, the way forward for open source providers.”


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