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UKTech reports The UK has a late-mover advantage in AI regulation

Zin Lwin
6th June 2024

Amanda Brock’s opinion article on UKTech News.

The European Union’s delight in being the first to regulate AI anywhere in the world may well see a less-than-happy ending.

Much like the fable of the tortoise and the hare, the EU hare has rushed into detailed regulation on something it really doesn’t – and couldn’t – understand.

Although it is quite an achievement to create the mammoth piece of regulation, in the long run winning this race may not be helpful to the EU. The UK’s tortoise approach to AI regulation, recognising it as a pro-innovation marathon, may well deliver the UK a ‘late-mover advantage’ in the long run.

As with the proverbial hare, rushing to regulate the risk of AI before we have a clear understanding of AI and associated risk seems more than likely to end badly….

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