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OpenUK’s State of Open:
The UK in 2023 Photo Exhibition sponsored by Arm
Photographs by Tiana Lea

Dominique Top

Solutions Architect, GitLab

Meet Dominique, a Solutions Architect at GitLab. She’s a passionate individual with interests in music, technology, and giving back to the community. Dominique prides herself on being a keen learner, solver of problems, and connector of dots and people. She is always interested in finding more efficient ways of doing things and helping others do the same. Dominique is also a strong advocate for open source, believing in its power to drive innovation and collaboration. She is an active member of the OpenUK organization, working to promote the use and development of Open Technologies in the UK.In addition, Dominique is a frequent attendee, as well as organiser of several DevOps related Meetups and Conferences, such as Docker London and DevOpsDays London.

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