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OpenUK Supporter Terms and Conditions

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  • To become a Member of OpenUK you agree to be bound by these terms, the Constitution and related documents as provided from time to time
  • Becoming a  Member of OpenUK does not make you a statutory member of OpenUK, the registered company as defined by company law
  • Membership is:
    • for a period of twelve months at a time
    • subject to receipt of cleared payment by OpenUK
    • requires approval by the directors or their appointed Membership Secretary as stated on the OpenUK Governance page
    • relates to the applicable Type of membership commensurate with the size or type of organisation
  • Associate Membership is:
    • perpetual
    • active until the Directors, Membership Secretary or majority of Ordinary Members believe it is not appropriate
    • free of charge
  • Membership may be withdrawn by OpenUK at any time and should membership be declined or withdrawn by OpenUK a notification will be provided and:
    • a refund will be issued for the remaining duration of the term and membership shall cease forthwith
    • The Member will remove any statement of membership or association from their published information
  • Membership may be declined or withdrawn for any reason including that:
    • the applicant does not fit the profile of the Type applied for
    • at the opinion of the Directors, Membership Secretary or majority of Ordinary Members:
      • does not present themselves as aligned with the vision and values of OpenUK
      • is not sufficiently transparent about their business or activities
      • may put the reputation of OpenUK at risk
      • behaves in an unprofessional manner
    • the Directors do not believe the membership is appropriate
  • Directors are:
    • bound by the rules of company law and the Articles of Association of OpenUK
    • included in the Register of Members at Companies House
    • listed on the OpenUK Governance page
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