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The Register quotes Amanda Brock CEO on Rocky Linux 8.4 attracting 80,000 downloads

2nd July 2021

“In order to succeed long term, open-source projects need to have both sufficient community around them and an appropriate level of sponsorship and financial support; there are many routes to this goal and no single best way to achieve it. Amanda Brock, CEO of Open UK, an open source advocacy group, said: “In open source, the thought process is that the community has control because they can lift the code and fork… the corporate structure matters less in open source than anywhere else because you can lift and shift, the ability to fork.”

This is the exact path that has now given rise to both Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux. When CentOS went along a path that many of its community disliked, the open-source licensing of RHEL enabled these other projects to form and succeed. Technically, these distributions are very alike and switching between them is easy, since both are binary compatible with RHEL.”

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