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Amanda Brock, OpenUK CEO, quoted about the NHS mulling one cloud-based ERP system for 450 organisations to Tech Monitor

Open UK
15th October 2020

OpenUK CEO Amanda Brock noted to Tech Monitor: “This tender, if properly approached represents that once in a lifetime opportunity to reorganise the approach to how the NHS is managed to give those workers a world-class ERP system.

“However, there are caveats to making this right which, if ignored, will be devastating to its future: a) listening to the needs of the organisations involved will give the only possible hope of success; b) basing the ERP system and its integration on open principles and technology is the only way to ensure the NHS remains in control and isn’t beholden and locked in to a supplier which would compromise its future integrity and transparency; c) in the age of Digital Sovereignty this opportunity is immense for the UK IT sector, but must be organised to meet the NHS’s needs rather than that of the major suppliers that would normally be the ones considered for this kind of deal.”

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