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OpenUK Week London Briefing

Amanda Brock
14th November 2019

About OpenUK

Open UK is a not for profit company limited by guarantee harnessing the collective of open source software, open data and open hardware in the UK, through collaboration bringing together business and community. The organisation is currently run by Amanda Brock, CEO Martin Callinan, Director and Stuart Mackintosh, Chair, and a variety of communities. We are builing a body of “Friend” organisations and Members, being corporate, individual and public sector. Our funding comes from membership and sponsorship.

In the wake of Brexit, OpenUK will pull the open communities together into a single voice within the UK.

Our projects are made up of a number of self-managing groups, Awards and “OpenUK Week” Committee, Events Committee, UK Faces of Open Source photography project and exhibition, Learning Committee (Education in Schools – GCSE and managing a Competition in schools as part of the Awards and will later extend to code camps), Legal and Policy Group, Museums Committee (preparing a permanent room in Bletchley and possible temporary open source exhibitions) and a Universities Group (Collaborative cross university projects).

Our new web site with information on all of these projects, our membership, sponsorship and Friends, will launch in December 2020 and as well as providing transparency on our organisation will include Blogs, Publications, “British Baked” Podcasts and Streaming of our events.

Our events programme will kick off in February 2020, with an Open Healthcare event in the DRIVE space in Great Ormond Street and be followed by an Open Data workshop hosted by Arup.

Within the parameter of our publications will be a privately funded equivalent to

OpenUK Week and Awards

We are working with the organisers of Tech Week London from 8-12 June to include OpenUK Awards and potentially OpenUK Week as part of this event. The Awards ceremony will take place on the evening of 11 June.

We now have sponsorship for the Awards ceremony from the law firm Bristows. This includes the Awards venue, being the Unilever Building auditorium and a drinks and canapes reception for 110 people.

We will be awarding prizes for individuals, projects and corporate usage in open source software, open hardware and open data. The judging panel of Cheryl Hung, Director of Ecosystem, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Linux Foundation; Andrew Back, Founder Open Source Hardware Users Group and Wuthering Bytes and Chris Lamb, Leader Debian Project are confirmed.

The awards will be hosted by Amanda Brock and Jono Bacon will be the keynote speaker. A request to perform is sitting with Imogen Heap.

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