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Osmii – Building a Pro Bono Exec Team for Open UK

Jamie Harper
6th July 2020

Building and supporting communities is an integral pillar of Osmii

With our latest website we dedicate an entire page to our efforts within Diversity and Inclusion.

We have 3 pillars: These are, eliminating the unconscious bias, having a diverse internal leadership team, and community integration.

The last pillar has been difficult to promote since working with “women in tech” style movements, although hugely valuable on shining light on certain issues, doesn’t address the problem that there isn’t enough diversity in the tech world in the first place. We want to help solve that problem.

So we looked for a partner that not only promotes more diversity in the tech industry but also does something about it.

As a result, we’re welcoming into our partner network a brand new name.

Enter OpenUK.

OpenUK is the industry association and advocacy organisation representing Open Technology, being open source software, open hardware and open data organisations across the UK.

OpenUK’s vision is to develop UK Leadership in Open technology and will do this by  building a loud and cohesive community around Open Technology, uniting people across existing projects, influencing Legal and Policy, and influencing a robust education and Learning system in Open technology.

OpenUK will be joining our partner network which currently includes Google, DellEMC and AWS.

Some of the initiatives that are particularly remarkable include

A Kids’ Competition spanning 47 schools, sponsored by Red Hat, encouraging kids to get into open technology

They are running a 3000 strong “ Digital Summer Code Camp” for young kids, through August

Creating an apprenticeship scheme for launch in 2022

Their University Group  will host a  3 day Professors & Open Source Software Education (POSSE) training for up to 30 Universities as part of OpenUK Week in 2021, sponsored by Google

And of course the OpenUK Awards just closed for nominations on 30 June,

Osmii will be exclusively working with OpenUK on a pro bono basis to help scale up their Exec team (VP and CXO level) and to help them build a fantastic and long-lasting community.

Osmii is a technology recruitment firm working internationally with start-ups, major software vendors and global brands. We hire across Development, Cloud and Digital technologies and Open Technology is a major part of our work. Last year, for the second year running, we were named amongst the top 1000 Fast Growing Companies in Europe by the Financial Times.

So we have decided to give back to this community by helping to support OpenUK.

It is a proud moment to give back to a community, and we are currently hiring for them so if Open Technology is your bag – and you love everything Open, please drop Jamie a line on

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