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Open Source Law, Policy and Practice Book Podcast Episode 1

Zin Lwin
8th November 2022

Open Source Law, Policy and Practice Book Podcast, with book Editor and OpenUK CEO Amanda Brock and Co-Host Matt Yonkovitz, interviewing the authors of the 24 book chapters.

The Authors: Keith Bergelt, Ian Walden, Ross Gardler, Stephen Walli, Jilayne Lovejoy, Miriam Ballhausen, McCoy Smith, Pamela Chestek, Malcolm Bain, Mirko Boehm, Knut Blind, Nikolaus Thumm, Amanda Brock, Toby Crick, Kate Stewart, Shane Coughlan, Nithya Ruff, Karen Sandler, Richard Fontana, Andrew Katz, Mark Radcliffe, Iain G. Mitchell KC, Mishi Choudhary, Michael Cheng, Charles-Henri Schulz, Carlo Piana 

Book editor Amanda Brock and co-host Matt Yonkovit are joined by Nithya Ruff of Amazon to discuss the book launch panel at the All Things Open Conference in Raleigh, NC. Nithya also speaks on her book chapter topic ‘The Rise of Open Source Program Offices (OSPO)’.

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