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One of our great strengths is the breadth of knowledge within the UK legal community in open tech and the support this community gives to OpenUK. Many of these individuals give their time to OpenUK through its Legal Advisory Board and provide insight and have drafted OpenUK’s responses to proposed regulations and laws in the UK, the EU and beyond.

The recognised experts in this group include our CEO, former lawyer Amanda Brock, editor of the leading textbook, Open Source Law, Policy and Practice, published by Oxford University Press in 2022, Chris Eastham Chair of our Legal Advisory Board,  Sonia Cooper, our data lead, world-leading open hardware expert, Andrew Katz, our Honorary Kings Council, Iain Mitchell KC, academic researcher Rowan Wilson, patent attorney Olivia Johansson and governance and compliance expert Sami Atabani.

Open source is about people, code and intellectual property.

OpenUK’s Legal Advisory Board and its Supporters and Special Advisors are the people who bring deep understanding to this legal work. Their understanding of software, hardware, data, standards and AI from the perspective of law and “curation” – good governance and technical hygiene – intellectual property, and commercialisation is based on their collective centuries of industry experience and professional works.

Legal Advisory Board Outputs

  • Joint Report with OSOR on the state of Open Source in UK published July 2020
  • Amicus Brief Google v Oracle submitted March 2020
  • FOSS4SME and letter to MP’s shared January 2020
  • International Treaties – supported Brexit Trade Agreements
  • Response to new Legislation – Ongoing
  • Tools and Education – Ongoing
  • Joint Events planned with the Society of Computers and Law

The group works in a proactive and reactive way, looking at necessary and forward-looking policies and areas of change as well as responding to proposed legislation in the UK and beyond.

Text and Data Mining Open Letter

UK open source advocates, including OpenUK, are urging the government to ensure AI technologies have ample access to public data to aid the development of the UK AI sector. OpenUK is a signatory of the joint letter highlighting the issue and provided a proposal for a code of practice to guide AI IP legislation supporting TDM.

Open Letter

OpenUK Response to ICO Consultation

OpenUK Response to ICO Consultation on AI and Generative Models due 1 March 2024

Read PDF

Legal Advisory Board

Adrian Keward
Chief Technologist Public Sector, Red Hat
Read more about the profile: Adrian Keward
Andrew Katz
Consultant, Bristows LLP and CEO, Orcro Limited
Read more about the profile: Andrew Katz
Anne Todd
Senior Solicitor, Macfarlanes
Read more about the profile: Anne Todd
Charlotte Lee
Deputy General Counsel, Datastax Inc.
Read more about the profile: Charlotte Lee
Chris Eastham
Chief Legal Officer
Read more about the profile: Chris Eastham
Iain Mitchell Honorary KC
Honorary KC
Read more about the profile: Iain Mitchell Honorary KC
Professor Ian Walden
Professor, Queen Mary University
Read more about the profile: Professor Ian Walden
James Lovegrove
Public Policy Director, RedHat
Read more about the profile: James Lovegrove
Magdalena Rzaca
GDPR & IPR Legal Advisor, GÉANT
Read more about the profile: Magdalena Rzaca
Olivia Johansson
Patent Attorney, Electrolux
Read more about the profile: Olivia Johansson
Robert Carolina
Chief Security Policy Officer
Read more about the profile: Robert Carolina
Rochelle Farmer
General Counsel
Read more about the profile: Rochelle Farmer
Sami Atabani
Technology & IP Licensing Consultant, Atabani Consulting Ltd, Open Chain contributor, OpenUK Legal & Policy member
Read more about the profile: Sami Atabani
Toby Crick
Partner, Bristows
Read more about the profile: Toby Crick
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