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OpenUK March 2024 Newsletter 1

Zin Lwin
7th March 2024

It was a pleasure to join the Eclipse Foundation’s Open Services Cloud and unlocking cloud interoperability as part of MWC, in Barcelona last week. AI was of course high on the agenda. We produced our first AI report in the run up to State of Open Con 24 and hosted Baroness Stowell for a Keynote on the  House of Lords LLM Report in which OpenUK is quoted.  You can download all 138 talks with over 200 speakers: SOOCon24 Content. We’ll be sharing and addendum to that report shortly as so much has happened during February.

OpenUK will also be at KuebCon in Paris, having designed 4 of the 10 challenges in the co-located hackathon, focusing on data centres and circular economy. We hope that many of you will contribute.

Some of you will also have seen the launch of our Open Manifesto and we will shortly share a page for you to sign up with your support of this.

OpenUK Research and Reporting Show and Tell

OpenUK has been reporting on open source software since 2021 and encouraging a collaborative approach across the global research community, leading this with bi-monthly events. These events will take a more structured format in 2024 and you can sign up to them on Eventbrite.

Each meeting is free to attend and anyone is welcome to join and learn more about what research is being undertaken and the reporting coming down the line. The first session is on 15th March, and the recurring sessions will be on May 10, July 12, Sep 20, and Dec 06.

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OpenUK Meet Up

OpenUK London #12: AI & Open Source (Hybrid)

Join us on Tuesday 12th March for our 12th OpenUK London community meet up! Last year saw the rise of Generative AI and on April 23rd when we will look at the Open Source jobs. Thank you once again to Avanade for sponsoring the venue and providing the refreshments.

Sign up for London March Meet Up

OpenUK London #13: Jobs in Open Source

Sign up for London April Meet Up

OpenUK 5th Awards 2024

OpenUK’s 5th annual awards will launch in April and include a Gala dinner and awards ceremony at House of Lord, thanks to Lord Wei’s sponsorship, on 28th November. If your organisation would like to become a category sponsor please contact and look out for our Awards announcements.

OpenUK Survey

OpenUK’s 4th Survey will take place in May.

Each year’s survey is used to provide critical data here in the UK allowing us to work on economic analysis of open source software. We have recently seen Harvard’s reporting with Linux Foundation shift to an approach like OpenUK’s looking not at the cost of replacing software but at the value generated, validating our approach.

Please do participate in the survey and watch this space for more information on how. If your organisation would like to become a dissemination partner please let us know.

The report sharing the outputs of our research will be launched at the Digital Catapult in London on 3rd July, with an afternoon of panels and evening drinks reception.

UKRI Future of Compute Survey

Following the publication of the Future of Compute Independent Review, UKRI is looking to increase understanding on the usage and potential of large-scale compute from current and potential users in the UK and if you can help by completing Shaping the Future of UK large-scale compute survey your insights will help guide the design and capabilities of this world-class large-scale compute resource, ensuring it meets the diverse demands of UK research and industry. Survey closes on 29 March.

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OpenUK in the Press

ComputerWeekly examines thriving open source and its challenges

Read now

TheNewStack reports: Will Generative AI Kill DevSecOps?

Read now

TheBanker’s blog on winning hearts and minds with innovation

Read now

Computing reports: Lock-in secrets of the hyperscalers, according to Civo

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Ann-Marie Corvin reports on her conversations with Bruce Perens and Amanda Brock at SOOCon24

Read now



19 – 22 March
Paris, France

OpenUK will be at KubeCon for the first time as we are creators of 4 challenges in the KubeCon Hackathons which we collaborated on with the United Nations, and which pick up on the OpenUK Data centre blueprint created for COP25. Our CEO, Amanda Brock is part of the Hackathon jury. And there are cash prizes of $3k,7k and for the winner $10k. So to our data centre community – do please enter and get hacking.

OpenUK Provided the following challenges for KubeCon

Challenge 2: Heat Redirection – Development Challenge

Challenge 3: Building Repurposing – Development Challenge

Challenge 4: Heat Reuse – Data Challenge

Challenge 5: Circular Supply Chain

And we hope to see many of you enter.

Join the KubeCon Hackathon and OpenUK Challenges

Events OpenUK Will be Attending


March 14, 2024

22 Bishopsgate, London
England, EC2N 4BQ

Amanda Brock, CEO, OpenUK

Talk: “Will Opening AI Destroy Open Source Software?

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March 14, 2024 | (2:00 PM) +GMT

Amanda Brock, CEO, OpenUK

Talk, with Divya Mohan

Stream on YouTube

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Stream on Twitch
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OCP Regional Summit

24 – 25 April, 2024
Lisbon, Portugal

The OCP Regional Summit brings together EMEA technical and business leadership along with the OCP Community to address important and emerging challenges.

Academic Tickets are also available and gives FREE access to keynotes, technical sessions, Future Technologies Symposium, Expo Hall, Innovation Village and FTS Tech Demos.

OpenUK will be holding a table there.

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The UK government’s flagship cyber security event

13 – 15 May, ICC Birmingham

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Event of Interest

SCaLE 21X | 21st annual Southern California Linux Expo

14 – 17 March, 2024 | Pasadena, CA

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Monki Gras 2024

14 – 15 March, 2024 | London

Monki Gras 2024 is an independent tech conference about AI, LLMs and prompt engineering. Expect talks on prompt engineering effectiveness, art and AI, avoiding hallucinations, the social aspects of the prompt revolution, and the ongoing revolution in developer productivity.

There will also be a beer tasting featuring some of the UK’s best craft beers. Use the code OpenUK for 15% off the ticket price.

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We are in the process of adding to and updating our Advisory Boards in March. These include AI, Finance, Healthcare, Mobile, and Standards in our new Boards and will include a refresh on Legal, Policy, Security, and Sustainability. If you are interested in participating please get in touch.

As well as sharing upcoming events in our newsletter our website hosts a calendar of all Open Technology Industry events and if you would like us to add your event we will share a form via



Amanda Brock, CEO

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